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This group is designed to allow modelers who are building specific Pennsylvania Railroad related projects to share ideas, techniques and the finished models. Every 6 months we will select a new project to pursue as a group. Only PRR projects will be considered. Only messages related to the current group project or completed projects are appropriate. Projects may include rolling stock (freight or passenger), buildings or other PRR related items. All scales are welcome to participate!  Membership in the PRRT&HS is not required but should you desire to join, which includes the acclaimed quarterly magazine, THE KEYSTONE, visit the society website at to learn more and to apply (credit cards accepted) or email

Our current project (#37) are Horse Cars and Theatrical Scenery Cars, classes B70A, B74A, B74B - Starting January 1, 2022.
#38 - Flat car loads, from photos - Starting July 1, 2022.

For a history of all of our projects, see the file PRRPRO History.doc in the files section.

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