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PNW FreemoN was established to serve N scale Freemo modelers in Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon areas.

We are an offshoot of the FreemoN group.

"Free-mo is a modular scale railroading standard designed for individual modelers that specifies bench work, track work, scenery, and digital control intended to raise-the-bar for scale modular railroading for N scale. The standard promotes, and even forces, prototypical appearance and operations by using a single main line traversing the module resulting in prototypical point-to-point or loop-to-loop configurations and operation."

If interested in learning about FreemoN and the standards that define it, please review the basic standards document here:

This Yahoo Group site is closed to the public and intended for use of PNWfreemoN members. To join this group we recommend that you attend at least one event and be willing to accept and embrace the FreemoN standards. You will find a schedule of our events at the calendar link or at our website, address below.

If you are interested in our group, please jump over to our Facebook page at:

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