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This group supports PNW DMR's efforts to insure that all our assets (Repeaters, MMDVM Servers, Networking, Web pages and information) is correct and operating correctly.

Our network is large enough now that no single or several hams are able to manage operational correctness by themselves so we are reaching out for more help from our membership.

We hope to have members who are willing to adopt 1 or more repeaters in their area and check to insure that they are operational, working properly and their operation (talkgroups, timers, etc) comport with the Web and IO group information.  This would include our MMDVM servers, Echo servers and other assets that are added over time.

Any member of PNW DMR may join this group but you must be a member of PNW DMR.  But there is an expectation that you will actively assist in areas where needed.  It can be as simple as monitoring your favorite repeater and reporting back here to this group that all is well.  More information would be better such as testing the talkgroups, signal strength etc.  But we hope to have your active involvement.

Please include in your bio or in an Email to the moderation team what it is that you would like to assist us as to a project or other interests generally in support of the Network.  If nothing is included when are after you make your request, you request to join will likely ultimately be rejected.

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