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PNLA is the oldest regional library association in the United States and the only binational association in North America. Members come from Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and beyond. Since 1909, PNLA has provided a professional and social forum for librarians, library workers, and library supporters throughout the vast Pacific Northwest region. For more information visit the Pacific Northwest Library Association website:

The following types of postings are encouraged on this list:
1. Job postings – We encourage libraries throughout the region to advertise job openings on this list.
2. Continuing education and other events – Postings of educational opportunities and other events are always welcome. Go ahead and advertise. Just keep it library-related and non-commercial (events that charge fees are okay, they just need to be more-or-less non-profit).
3. Intellectual freedom – Have an ‘IF’ problem? Want to report on an IF ‘event’? Do it here. Please try to keep things non-political. There are two sides to every question.
4. PNLA business – The entire PNLA Board of Directors is subscribed and listening attentively to your ideas about PNLA. This means suggestions for programs at upcoming PNLA conferences, or any other comments or suggestions for the organization.
5. Other information – Any other topic you think would be of interest to the Pacific Northwest library community. Observe basic etiquette, please. Currently, this list is open (anyone who has an email address can join the list) and unmoderated (only list members can post messages), but this can be changed in the future if circumstances require it.
6. Observe basic etiquette – Flaming, baiting, and other forms of nasty email will force the list manager to do nasty things like issue warnings and unsubscribe offenders. Please try to keep it civil and non-personal.
7. Advertising. Due to the large numbers of vendors (who support us in so many ways), the PNLA list will accept advertisements for new books, services, etc. during the first week of each month. Please put ADV in the subject heading.

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