Remaining PC Board inventory

D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN


I'd take a Experimenter rev 1.04 and a Crystal Test Fixture rev 5.0 boards if they are still available.

D. Daniel McGlothin, KB3MUN
Control Consultants
248-B West Second Street
Waynesboro, PA  17268

On 1/4/2016 15:51, n5ib@... [PHSNA] wrote:
Here's what's still left on the shelf

11 ea, Experimenter Boards, rev1.04  $4.00 each
1 ea, Type II PHSNA, rev7.02             $4.50 each
6 ea, Type I PHSNA rev6.11                $4.50 each
4 ea, DDS60/NANO PHSNA               $4.00 each
2 ea, Crystal Test Fixture rev5.0          $4.00 each

and finally
7 ea, Experimenter Board rev1.00        $3.00 each
These are flawed in that the single row of breakout pads just above the LPF area (D6 thru D13 etc) have the wrong sized holes - just barely too tight for 0.025" square post headers, but OK for wire leads or machined pins or sockets.

All of the above plus postage.
If you want one or more contact me OFF LIST PLEASE    n5ib(at)juno(dot)com

Jim, N5IB