Power meter plus custom meter face

Steven Dick

Hi all. Here's more info the the power meter picture I put in the K1RF folder in the files section.  The meter is a 1mA movement from All Electronics (catalog number PM-376).  Costs $3.50 plus shipping.  Info here:


I used the Galva program to make the custom meter face.  The Galva program was originally written  in French with an English translation. It is located at: Galva | F5BU

I put my Galva file in the K1RF folder in the files section.  I added an additional scale for an input voltage reading since the meter is there anyway and can be switched to read input power meter or voltage with an SPDT toggle switch.. As it is a 1mA movement and I defined the voltage scale for 14 volts full scale, series resistor required is 14 volts divided by 1 mA = 14K. You can customize the voltage scale within the Galva program if you wish. I also saved the meter face in a .png file which can be printed out without requiring the Galva program.  

After carefully removing the meter cover, I at first tried to cut out a shape that follows the original meter panel.  That was a mistake as its difficult to do. It's much easier to simply cut out the upper portion in a rectangle shape and just cut at the top corners to round them off.  Glue to the panel with a few THIN dots of rubber cement.  Don't make the glue too thick or it will interfere with the meter pointer.

Although not absolutely required with the PHSNA since the software can read out dBm if you enable that function, I have found it to be extremely useful as a visual aid to make sure everything is working correctly.  It comes in handy for spotting bad cables, etc


"Digital Steve", K1RF