PHSNA 1.42 improved graphing, log scales, multi-language support

Nick Kennedy

Hello PHSNA users,

I've uploaded revision 1.42 of PHSNA for Windows today.

It's located in our Yahoo group files area Files>Windows PHSNA.

The improvements and additions were all programmed by Ignacio, EB4APL. 

There are two major improvements:

First is more flexibility configuring graphs produced by the Response Sweep function. The program now allows having the x-axis scaled as linear or logarithmic. 

Also, the y-axis can now be scaled automatically as was done in the past or you can specify manual maximum and minimum dBm values for the x-axis.

These options appears as controls next to the graph and you can play with them and see the results immediately without re-performing the sweep. Nice.

Secondly, PHSNA now supports languages other than English. It's necessary to make a translation file as is described in the new User's Guide. A file for Spanish is included in the folder. Ignacio put a lot of work into this function. There are 314 legends and text strings in the file! 

You specify the language in parameters.txt, but you can also change "on the fly" from the Setup/Calibrate screen by pressing the Language button and entering the file name. Give it a try with 'lang_es.txt' to see how cool it is, then come back to English by entering 'english' for the file name. Note that no language file is actually required for English however.

NO new version of the Arduino software is required for this revision. Continue to use 1.7.

Ignacio made a few other "behind the scenes" changes for smoother operation. Also he added a feature that alerts you if the ADC is over-ranged while displaying dBm or doing a response sweep. Not likely to happen in normal configurations, but now we'll get notified if it does.

Also, now if you edit parameters.txt from within the program the changes take effect immediately after you write the file.

I've uploaded some files to the folder as I said, and deleted a few others:

Newest PHSNA
New parameters.txt sample file
New User's Guide for 1.42
Brief text file notes on 1.42 changes
File lang_es.txt, Spanish language file

I deleted some of the older files and edited others to show "archive" status.


A new field has been added to parameters.txt. A major problem (for me, at least) starting up a new version of PHSNA is having the wrong number of parameters in the file. You get some strange errors.

I think your existing file will work if you add a line at the bottom with the word 'english'.  

As always, don't put any blank lines at the end of the file.

I was going to have Ignacio proof my manual revision and announcement, but he's away from the keyboard for a week or so. So I thought I'd put the new revision out and make any corrections required later.


Nick, WA5BDU