PC board requests


I want to take a few of the various PHSNA PC boards with me to HamCom
  ---  Irving TX, June 10-11 https://www.hamcom.org/   ---

I'll have to order them in a couple of weeks, so might as well give y'all on the group a chance to put requests in. There have been a few new members who missed the last board run. I can mail them, or deliver to HamCom at your preference.

The only change will be to the Experimenter Board. A new version will have some convenience features - a couple of extra 5V connection pads, a place for a 3.3V regulator and jumper-selection to power the DDS from 3.3V or 5V. Plus SMT resistor dividers on the four digital control lines from the NANO to the DDS in case the 3.3V DDS option is used.

PHSNA for Type-1 DDS and UNO  $4.50

PHSNA for Type-2 DDS and UNO  $4.50

PHSNA for DDS-60 and NANO   $4.00

New Experimenter Board for Type-2 and NANO $4.00

Crystal Test Fixture $4.00

AD-8307 Power Meter  $3.50

Return Loss Bridge with 1% resistors  $2.00
Type-1 / Type-2 DDS adapter board $2.50

Low Pass Filter   $1.00
Measurement Receiver 2-board set $8.00
MiniCircuits ERA-3+ MMIC amp  $3.00

Postage extra for the above. If you want any of these,
please reply - OFF LIST -  please

n5ib (at) juno (dot) com

I'll collect requests for about a week before ordering. No money needed at this time.


Jim, N5IB