New PC board order - it's a GO


Board requests were just barely enough to make up a new order.

Before today is done I'll e-mail a confirmation everyone who made a request.

I'll wait until September 16 to submit the order - so as to give folks time to amend their requests, or for those who did not respond to the earlier announcement time to join in.

Details were in previous message (#3353)
contact me   -OFF LIST PLEASE-         n5ib(at)juno(dot)com     if you want to add a request or amend a previous one.

Jim, N5IB

Nick Kennedy

For a guide to what the system does, go to the Files area of this group, then folder Windows PHSNA, and then take a look at the "PHSNA User's Guide 1r42" PDF file. It describes use of the software that runs the Windows version.

For information on hardware, start with N5IB's "PHSNA FAQ Sheet" PDF document which you'll find in the top level of the 'Files' area.


Nick, WA5BDU

I'm late to the game and interested in the project but don't know anything about the PHSNA. Is there someplace that had a description of the original project?