New PC baord order - maybe...


The survey a few months back didn't reveal enough need at that time to justify another bulk order of PC boards. But with the release of the new Windows software version, and the couple of dozen new list members, maybe its worth another try.

I'll open a window for "pre-orders" for a week or so. No money needed at this time, just an indication of intent.
reply     -off list please -     to    n5ib (at) juno (dot) com -   with your requests.

It would be about a month before boards would be in hand, presuming there is now enough need to place an order. Depending on quantity, board cost could be a slightly higher, but not much. The costs below are from the most recent large quantity run.

I'll include all of the boards listed below as "available" but there may be insufficient demand to have all of them manufactured... I'll not be able to obtain any ERA-3+ amplifiers in bulk, but folks have had success using the pin-compatible ERA-3SM obtainable from eBay vendors at reasonable cost.

At the close of the "pre-order window" in a week or so I'll report back which boards can get made and give folks a chance to amend their requests as needed.

Jim, N5IB

*PHSNA for Type-1 DDS and UNO  $4.50

*PHSNA for Type-2 DDS and UNO  $4.50

PHSNA for DDS-60 and NANO   $4.00

Experimenter Board for Type-2 and NANO $4.00

*Crystal Test Fixture $4.00

AD-8307 Power Meter  $3.50

Return Loss Bridge with 1% SMD resistors  $2.00
Type-1 / Type-2 DDS adapter board $2.50

Low Pass Filter   $1.00
*Measurement Receiver 2-board set $8.00

*requires the ERA-3+ (or compatible)  MMIC amplifier chip

Postage extra for the above.
USA postage is usually under $2.50, DX a couple of dollars more, depending on how many boards.