More features for experimenter's board software

Nick Kennedy

I've uploaded new versions of the sketch and manual for my Experimenter's Board program.

I've made quite a few changes to make configuring the software (for chip type, etc.) easier for the user.

I also added or revised these features:

Voltage measurement. This is useful if you use battery power. The voltage can be read out on demand via a menu command. Also, voltage is checked continuously every second and a "low battery" alarm can be given if it falls below a specified level.

I added a function to save the current configuration: frequency / band and step size to EEPROM so the board will start up with the same parameters in the future.

I added a function to send a short test message in RTTY (60 WPM / 45 baud) repetitively. This is getting a little esoteric, but I wanted to try it, plus the Elecraft XG3 does it, so why not.

Separate WPM specifications can be given for the Morse messages in audio and the test message sent out via the RF output.

I did a few other things to make the user interface more friendly.

To re-iterate, this implementation uses three pushbuttons for control and a mini speaker for output via Morse.

One switch causes the frequency to be announced and the other two provide step UP and step DOWN frequency changing.  A long press of the frequency ID button causes a cycle through single-letter menu options that are now up to nine.  I won't repeat them all in this email.


Nick, WA5BDU