Getting my Experimenter board going

Nick Kennedy

I've finally gotten into assembling my N5IB Nano / DDS experimenter board the past day or so. I initially fired it up with just the two modules plus the regulator components installed to see if they'd work.  They did, although I've worked through a few issues.  I have both an AD9850 and an AD9851 version of the Type II eBay boards and they both worked.

At first I started with the PHSNA terminal version software, but to simply things I've gone to the example sketch from a DDS library I've written, for now. Very bare bones.

I'd like to see what I can do with no interface and no display.  Maybe make it tell me stuff in Morse and I'll talk to it with two or three pushbuttons. The Elecraft XG3 is sort of a good example, in ways both good an bad. I'd like to put it into a tight box with internal battery so it can be a signal source with minimal leakage. My PHSNA leaks out too much signal to try to attenuate it down to 1 uV or so for receiver testing.

I'm using the AD9851 version, so I've changed the filter to pass 70 MHz.


Nick, WA5BDU