For Sale: Type-2 PHSNA


Doing a bit of bench clearing...

For sale is an assembled, programmed, and working Type-2 PHSNA, including
the Type II DDS module, with its on-board LPF removed
an Arduino UNO
both of the above mounted on an assembled PHSNA motherboard
an 8307 RF power detector board with front end shield
all of the above mounted "breadboard style" as shown in the attached photo

This is actually the prototype build of the Type-2 PHSNA
$50 plus shipping costs.
Unfortunately this will have to be confined to USA shipping, as the international rate will be outrageous,
though Canada might not be unreasonably costly

if interested, reply off-list to n5ib (at) juno (dot) com

BTW - I'm thinking of parting with my TenTec/TAPR vector network analyzer - if you're interested, e-mail at the above address and we can discuss its "special needs"



The Type-2 PHSNA is spoken for...

Jim, N5IB