Just had this idea, can ESP8266 be used for this application in place of Arduino?
AD9851 needs 4 pins and only 2 GPIOs are available, so some kind of IO expander is required.
The upside is that the data can be transferred wirelessly, served by a Web server.

The plot can be generated from text data in the browser on the PC side.

73, Mike AF7KR

DuWayne Schmidlkofer

It depends on what ESP8266    board you use.  There are several with different pins brought out.
There is a new development board recently released that brings all the pins out along with built in USB TTL converter interface.

New Version NodeMCU ESP-12E ESP8266 WiFi LUA IoT CH340G V3 Arduino Compatibile | eBayDuWayne KV4QB



Looks cool, ordered one right away.
Will post about my attempts at porting the sketch.

73, Mike