Amplifier Second Harmonic

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola

Dear All:

I have an THS3201 amplifier, it generates a second harmonic of -68dBc with a Gain of two.

I want to use two THS3201 amplifiers in series to keep the output impedance low.

The first stage will have a gain of 2 and the second stage will also have a gain of 2.

If the input signal has 0dbm the second harmonic will have -68dBm at the output of the first stage.

What value will have the second harmonic at the output of the second stage?

I think it will be -68dB plus 6 dB (Gain x2) = -62dB.

The final carrier output power will be 11.88 dBm = 1volt peak to peak.

Am I right ?


Alfredo Mendiola Loyola

Lima, Peru