WB6OGD gaw analyzer compile errors


Hi John,
Sorry you are having problems with this.
My code is not supported by the PHSNA group, if anyone has problems it is probably best to contact me directly.

The version you are using is my latest VERY EXPERIMENTAL version. It adds capabilities that probably nobody
but me wants. I only posted it because it does have a much improved menu system. I have added a ReadMe
file that hopefully explains. I have both DDS-60 (AD-9851) and Si5351 hardware in my PHSNA, probably
nobody else would even want to do this! User edits to the experimental Arduino code are expected.

THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM is that you should not install an Si5351 library. I have taken the code from the library
(from Etherkit) and inserted it into the .ino file. The Si5351.h file I posted needs to be in the same folder with the
.ino file. Then it should compile correctly. I did this because I have been burned too many times by Arduino
library updates that have killed my old projects.



I have been trying to compile WB6OGD's gaw program for the arduino and am getting an error "prototype for 'Si5351::Si5351()' does not match any in class 'Si5351'". The only thing I have changed is to direct the compiler to the si5351.h file in Documents/Arduino/libaries, instead of within the folder with the sketch, having installed the library there. I am running arduino version 1.8.5, on an I7 4820K 3.2ghz, with 32 gb memory, and win8.1 pro. I tried to compile to the nano, uno, and due boards with the same error, except the due, and the sketch wouldn't compile for it. Attached is the compiler error text file. I am not a programmer, have used the arduino boards and compiler for a while, and usually can find the causes for most errors so far, but need help on this one.