N5IB sightings


To channel Mark Twain - rumous of my demise are greatly exaggerated  LOL

I've just decided to put most radio projects on the back burner for a  while.

Our first grandchild (Tessa Noelle) arrived last October. We've already been to SC once for a visit, and this week Tessa and her mom and dad are coming to visit and get her dad a crawfish fix. So the past month or so has been the preparations. No need to fully baby-proof - just yet -  but some space in the old homestead needed to be re-purposed. So plenty of chores  to occupy my time.

Someone commented about my website - yep, the site is gone away. I moved what stuff was there over to  and sent a donation to Scott and his folks.

There was also a question about PC boards.
No current plans for another run, but there is a small handfull in the cupboard:
   Experimenter Boards v1.20  (10 on hand)
   Experimenter Board v1.04 (1 on hand)
   Type-2 PHSNA  v.03 (2 on hand)
   PHSNA for DDS-60/NANO  v 8.02 (6 on hand)
   Return Loss Bridge (3 on hand)

Besides those PHSNA-related boards I also have a few other bare boards:
Info on the website (above)
   Current Limiter boards (couple of dozen)
   Crystal spotter semi-kits (half dozen)
   Varactor Adapter for AADE LC Meter (dozen)
   RadI2Cino boards for the uBITX transceiver (info on the BITX

It'll be a week or so before I can attend to any requests for those.
the n5ib (at) juno (dot) com e-mail is still valid

There are probably some valid reasons to move this group over to, as many other ham-related groups have already done. I would entertain a volunteer to become a joint "list owner" and oversee the transition - especially someone who may already have done that task.

73 for now .... pre-Tessa tasks are still calling

Jim, N5IB