Account Closure


In view of the continued inability of Yahoo to secure the accounts of it's subscribers, I am resigning from all Yahoo Groups and closing my Yahoo Account with immediate effect. I strongly recommend others to follow suit. I also encourage group owners to find more secure platforms on which to build their communities.

So long, and thanks for all the fish :-)


Gareth, M5KVK


I stopped using Yahoo email for joining Yahoo groups several years ago. I do not allow Yahoo to link to my email address (an option under the "Membership" drop down box.) After the last Yahoo attack earlier this year, I cancelled all of my Yahoo group memberships again and created the current "anglerhamming" outlook dot com account and rejoined several of my Yahoo groups. The Outlook email address is a dead letter box; I never check it. In fact, I didn't even save the password for it in my password manger.

Ted, KX4OM