Welcome new members


Some recent chatter on the EMRFD group has generated a number of new members joining us here on PHSNA.
Welcome aboard!

I am away for the weekend at the OzarKCon QRP conference... when I return I'll be able to address what I anticipate to be questions about availability of circuit boards.

In the meantime I invite the new folks to browse the Files and Photos areas for information... especially look at the FAQ document in the Files area.

Jim, N5IB


Yes, I did cross the EMRFD bridge.But I  have come with a half decent RF lab and working on buttressing it as well as my design abilities.

My first crack at RF design concerns a Tektronix (yes..in that group as well) SG504 1Ghz Leveled sine wave gen remote head upgrade.

I am due to ship the first batch of builds to forum members tomorrow. The head can achieve flatness to +/- 0.05dB which is at the limit of my measurement uncertainty with a Boonton 4210 4b µW meter.

I am particularly interested in SNAs and VNAs, while I do have both already (lower end units, Rigol & HP), I am also particularly interested in microcontroller interfacing with instrumentation and the benefits, economic & functional to be derived.

My area of expertise lies with Microchip 16F & 18F units, but I do have dev kits from MikroElektronika: 24bit DSP and 32bit to exploit when I get the time. I code in assembly. I did some Fortran 77, C-64 BASIC, 6502 assembly & C+ many years back, but that was all. I did write and publish assembly programs/utilities for Compute magazine in 1990 & 1993.

This is my public Blog:

I hope to learn a lot and share as well here.
Pleased to be a member, though not a HAM!