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Hi Marcus,

It seems to that that you nailed it.  Congratulations.
Since I already have a PHSNA I plan to use one "Experimental board" for making a HF signal generator. (I have several but making this one could be fun and instructive).  I will pay due attention to the transformer issue.
I will use a Type II DDS, an Arduino Nano and a 31 dB solid state variable attenuator module (18 € from China).  I will add a couple of relay controlled 30 dB fixed attenuators for increasing the range and an ALC circuit for compensating the DDS slope and also to perform AM modulation.  I also plan to add a LCD and an encoder and, of course, USB computer control.

73 de Ignacio EB4APL

El 20/02/2016 a las 19:57, mankan@... [PHSNA] escribió:

Hi all,

I have now mounted a bifilar wound transformer. I did 13 turns and cut one wire on turn 7, unwound the ends half a turn and grounded them. Picture of sweep is attached. The curve might look jagged but note the scale on the Y-axis.

Do you think I can end my debugging?

Marcus, SA5PMG

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