NPO Capacitor source

vincent coppola

Hi, I posted this query on EMFRD but in the past I have gotten good responses for queries from this group: I am trying to stock up my QRP lab with NPO or COG capacitors (I think they are the same thing), in a grab bag form? Maybe grab bag is the wrong term, let's say an assorted collection of common values.  Can someone recommend a site that will accept preferably Paypal or at least Credit cards? I am too lazy in my old age to deal with the inconvenience of money orders, etc. Thanks much, Vince N1VC.

Alan McLennan

Hi Vince,
I was looking for something similar a couple of weeks ago and I bought these

55 Values 1100PCS 0603 (1pF~1µF) SMD capacitor Assortment kit #U1

from umisky*2014   I paid £13.20, which seems expensive, but it is only about 1p per cap.

This is a general selection; up to 820 pF is NPO/COG.  There is a table with the values and types of cap.
From memory, I searched for something like   NPO capacitor assortment   Other words like kit and range may also be useful.  I know, you can waste a lot of time in these searches.  
Separately I bought a lot of 1 nF NPO.  Above 1 nF, NPO caps become rare and expensive.  Just keep your eye out for the bargains which often come up.
Good luck.
Alan  G7DCF

Alan McLennan

As soon as I posted the above, I knew it was wrong.  I paid only £4.50, which is the buy it now price.  This makes much more sense, and better value.