PC Boards - Staus update


I've ordered the test run of the Experimenter Board. They should take about 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. During that time I can still accept requests for that board. An updated document is posted in the Files area with the latest information on that board and the possible use with QRP-Labs Si5351A module.

At the very end of the document you'll find images of a little adapter I drew up that will allow a Type I DDS to substitute where a Type II goes, and vice versa, depending on how you install pins and sockets. That means it will also make it possible for a QRP-Labs module to be used where a Type I DDS was previously.

The Experimenter Board bulk order is going to be a big one - over a hundred requests - so we might as well take advantage of combined shipping. While waiting for the test run of experimenter boards I'll also entertain requests for the other PC boards we've had in the past, as well as the new little adapter. So These boards are up for requests:

    Experimenter Board ($5 postpaid CONUS, or $4 + postage if combined with others)
    Type I / Type II adapter board  $2.00

     PHSNA for Type I DDS and UNO  $4.50

     PHSNA for Type II DDS and UNO  $4.50

     PHSNA for DDS-60 and NANO   $4.00

     AD-8307 Power Meter  $3.50

     Return loss Bridge with 1% resistors  $2.00

     Low Pass Filter   $1.00

All of the above are plus postage

usually less than $2 CONUS and less than $4 DX for up to three or four boards.

No assurance I can get all of them, but if the numbers are sufficient to fit into the bulk order I will do so.

As always please respond off list to        n5ib (at) juno (dot) com.


Jim, N5IB


Forgot to add that the Crystal Test Fixture is also on the list for requests @ $4.00

Jim, N5IB