Last call for experimenter boards


My apologies to the group. I forgot to put my direct e-mail on the "last call", so a bunch of replies to the group have shown up.

Reply to    n5ib (at) juno (dot) com    if you want an experimenter board(s)

BTW - a schematic is in the works... it'll be a day or so... with maybe a new wrinkle for an application...

Jim, N5IB

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Consider this the last call for pre-orders of the experimenter boards.
Look in Files for

 "DDS Type II and Arduino NANO Experimenter Board.pdf"

 to see the layout as it exists now. I'll probably order them the first of next week. So far there are 80 requests
Should be $5.00  each, postpaid CONUS, about $7.00 for DX.

That file is the only info posted, no schematic was even drawn... its mostly just routing pins to break-out pads - just as easy to follow on the layout.


The requests for experimenter boards are closing in on the century mark.
With this many boards (and $$), I don't want to risk messing it up - hi - so I'm going to get a batch of 10 made, and verify that everything looks and fits like I want it to. Then I'll make the bulk order.

This means the proto batch will be about 3 weeks away, and the rest of them about three weeks after that. Sorry for the extra delay, but I want to be sure its a good product.

Now for some interesting news... Dick (K9IVB) discovered that the QRP-Labs synthesizer module that uses the Si5351A chip has a pinout that is close enough to the Type II DDS that it can be plugged into the Experimenter Board in place of the Type II. There are a couple of "be careful to do this" caveats and no doubt a bit of software fiddling, but it looks fairly straightforward.

I am creating a folder in the Files area Experimenter Board for Type II DDS and Arduino NANO to house the info about the board. And I will shortly post there a PDF document with schematics and notes as well as board images. The schematics will show how the QRP-Labs module can work. Many thanks to Dick for his research and producing the compatibility diagram.

Jim, N5IB

Reply to    n5ib (at) juno (dot) com    if you want an experimenter board(s)



Sorry, I can't order your board - although I'd like to.

My Significant Other went on ebay and bought me... the AD9851 board.

Sure it has slightly better specs, but the dimensions [and pinout] make it physically incompatible, let alone the changes I will eventually have to make to the NANO code.

So, for the sake of domestic harmony, I will have to give the board a miss - although I'll happily borrow the schematic for inspiration.

-- Alan