Arduino SSNA display

glenn percy


Hi Glenn,

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William R Maxwell

I do hope we manage to find a way to keep the option of on-board display and keyboard alive, as I think that would really make the project something special. Sorry if this sounds a little like a VK conspiracy but most of we VKs now appearing on this group have a long association and history of co-operation on other projects. We now probably tend to all think alike :)

Bill, VK7MX

On 20/09/2013 11:59 AM, vk3pe@... wrote:
JIm, you might like to look at this project (kit) which sells for about $100 all up with display for inspiration. It can be bought with PC interface only for half that or add the seperate display driven serially.  Or, a bluetooth pcb that displays on an Android phone. Schematics are available on the page also.
I hope this gets through, i seem to have trouble replying to posts