Re: AD-8307 Power Meter

Nick Kennedy

I posted a couple pictures of my log power meter in the Photos section under my call (WA5BDU).  I built it manhattan style.  

I had a meter movement fetish for a few years and picked every nice one  I saw cheap at hamfests.  So I had this giant 1 mA movement available.  I used someone's shareware software to make a scale.  I wish I'd accented the intermediate '5' tick mark, since it's hard to count them by eye. Despite the size of the meter, I'm often reading it with a magnifying glass.  But I'm generally using the voltage output anyway, the meter is mostly for ballpark.

I put a voltage divider on the output to the banana jacks so I would have 5.00 VDC at +17 dBm, to keep from over-ranging the ADC input to the PIC I currently plug into the thing.

Also shown is the 40 dB tap from the original article.  It's just lying there, for show - not mounted in the box.

My push-together sheet metal box is perhaps a little wimpy when it comes to shielding, but it's much better than nothing.


Nick, WA5BDU 


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 I invite those of you who already have built or bought one to share with us how you built it or whom you bought from. Post photos or other info if you wish.

Jim, N5IB

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