Re: ***Possible*** Builder Alert - Power meter boards rev 2.03

William Kimber

Hi all,

My boards seem O.K.

I plan to use two of the MK II boards with a nano or pro mini to produce I & Q frequencies for a receiver. I had bought the DDS and Nano & pro mini but was still learning my way thru the programming. C or C++ is nothing like any programming I have done before.  In fact C++ seems to break many of the rules I was taught.


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The Malevolent Seven power meter boards are still out there - undiscovered. Check your stash...

 caveat molitor


3 of the 10 bad boards have been found and neutralized, so seven more are lurking on your benches, lying in ambush, bent on who knows what evil intent. Trust no one - watch your six....

See messages # 1010 and 1006 for details

Jim, N5IB

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