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Graham <planophore@...>

Good day all,

The breadboard jumpers in the link provided by Jim work very well.

Another alternative are jumper wires made up using the male version of the Dupont connector type.  I don't know why they are called Dupont connectors unless it has something to do with Dupont being the original maker of such connectors. However, these connectors are very common and have 0.1" pin spacing and are single and double row. Once you see a picture you will recognize them.

There are male Dupont pins which plug into compatible sockets and you can get pre-made jumpers on eBay. These have rather than the round pins of the type provided in the link by Jim, a square or nearly so pin and are a better more solid fit.

They can be purchased with or without the plastic shell.

If you search on Amazon for male dupont connector you will find them there as well.  The type pointed out in the link provided by Jim are also very common on eBay and are easily found by searching for "arduino jumper" or "breadboard jumper".

Now, you can get the ones having the single plastic shell on the end or as I have done, starting with the ones without the plastic shell, put a short piece of heat shrink on the end leaving only the pin exposed. The plastic shells are easily removed if have those with the shell and wanted to try the heat shrink trick.

I have and have used both types and find the Dupont one's superior.

here are a couple of links for the Dupont items on eBay: (watch the line wrap)

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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Hi Gary,


Jim, N5IB

On Sun, 13 Oct 2013 17:33:12 -0400 Garey Barrell
> Where do you find the 'patch leads' like shown on the NR8O 9850 test
> set.
> These are the ones that mate with the 0.1" spaced plug strips.
> They look to be commercial, but I can't find them....

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