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Hi Joel,

I assume by adaptor you mean the inline connector for the serial port on the Deek-Robot board. It came with each board; a 6-pin, right angle header which conviently solders right onto the end of the Deek board. I posted a picture of the Deek kit in the Group Photos section but it isn't very clear that the 6-pin header is righ-angle.

My reason for purchasing the Deek boards is basically the same as yours. For 6 bucks or so I can dedicate the Deek board controller to a project without tying up an UNO. Sketch development can be done on the UNO then transferred to the Deek board.

Best of luck with your projects and

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL

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I also picked up a Nano and Pro Mini knock off from China and I'm waiting for the serial programmer module to get here any day. Where did you get the adapter to plug the program module directly into the Deek Robot module? I don't have anything like that but can easily make one, however the one you have would be easier. I already built a prototype DDS VFO out of a Arduino UNO and now want to shrink it down to size and get my UNO back for other projects. I'm also following the PHSNA project closely as well. Nice to hear from you again.

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