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Hi  Steve WB6TN,

I also picked up a Nano and Pro Mini knock off from China and I'm waiting for the serial programmer module to get here any day. Where did you get the adapter to plug the program module directly into the Deek Robot module? I don't have anything like that but can easily make one, however the one you have would be easier. I already built a prototype DDS VFO out of a Arduino UNO and now want to shrink it down to size and get my UNO back for other projects. I'm also following the PHSNA project closely as well. Nice to hear from you again.



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I have posted photos in the Photos section, WB6TNL.  Included is:  "aruduino pro mini clone - atmega328p" (deek-robot miniature UNO clone kit), deek-robot and UNO R3 clone together for size comparo, and deek-robot with FTDI serial to USB board.


73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL



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FWIW, I bought an UNO R3 'clone' from an eBay vendor in NY. Cost $12.50, shipped, and took about 3 days to arrive in SoCal. It came with a USB cable and fired right up. I noticed just now that his price has gone up to $13.50 but he does have another sale for $12.25 without the cable.

It ;s, however, pretty well blatantly a counterfeit. Marked "AREDUINO" and "UNO" on the component side with the correct font and the same "DESIGN IN ITALY" on the bottom side. A darned well built counterfeit but nonetheless, fake.

I was going to buy the R3 from a vendor in SoCal but he sold out before I got off my butt. But what he did/does have is something called a "Arduino Pro Mini Clone" which is not really an Arduino, per se, but does function like one. It's about 1/3 the size of an UNO R3 with the same functionality (except for the programming interface0. It has an ATMega328 with the Arduino boot loader 'burned' in. The programming interface is serial so if one only has USB, either a USB to serial adaptor ($6 from Hong Kong) is required. I suppose a UNO R3 could be lashed up to do the conversion for programming. All the usual I/O is brought out to solder pads around the edges of the board and three inline pin strips are included. It does not proclaim to be an Arduino and the only indentification is "deek-robot" on the underside of the board.

Anyway, I thought this would be an inexpensive method to control projects like the PHSNA.

I'll upload a pic. to the Group Photos section later this evening.

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL

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Date: 03 Oct 2013 14:00:43 -0700My Funduino UNO R3 arrived today from "Chipworld". It was marked "Funduino" and "Design in Italy" and WWW.FUNDUINO.CN" Cost was $14.30 including shipping. Ordered on 19 Sept, so took 14 days.

It was supposed to come with a short USB cable, but that was missing. There was a tear in the shipping envelope, which may explain the missing cable. All the other parts in the order were OK.
Quality appears quite good. Plugged it into an ASUS laptop running Win7-64. Found the driver seamlessly as COM5 (my Arduino apparently has dibs on COM4) and accepted the SSNA software. Runs fine.

Looks like these clones are the way to keep the SSNA under the $50 target.

Jim, N5IB

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