Re: I found PMSNAb4r2.XLS

William Kimber


You normally have a folder that has ALL your sketches in various sub-folders.  the Arduino IDE requires each one be in a sub-folder. You normally have your not stock Arduino libraries in the folder also. Depending on how it was installed you might also have the stock libraries there as well. My stock libraries and examples, etc. are in another folder labelled "Aurduino1.05"

Folder: Sketchbook

    Subfolder: PHSNA
    Subfolder: ChocolateCounter
    Subfolder: libraries

Folder:  Arduino1.05
    Subfolder: Examples
    Subfolder: libraries
    Subfolder: Hardware

The IDE does not seem very intelligent at finding things. It requires a restart when any files are moved or libraries added.

Hope you can understand.


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disregard my question about locating PMSNAb4r2.XLS. still need the other answers. thanks
john kg9dk

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