Re: Next run of PHSNA and Power Meter boards

William Kimber

Hi Jim,

I'll take set.  All smt front end power meter, and "other - blue trimmer" PHSNA with Era3+.

I'm also interested in Larry, W2HHV idea of extra shield to take another dds board for I/Q use.

I might sell one set my original boards. if any one in this area wants otherwise postage is probably too high to send back to states.


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It's time to think about the next batch of PC boards. The offshore fab house is shut down for Spring Festival for a few days so there's some time to assess the need.

I'm about to create a couple of polls to see how much interest remains. The options to be floated include the ERA-3+ PHSNA with the errors corrected, a new PHSNA layout that accepts the "other" cheap DDS module, and possibly a PHSNA that accepts the DDS 60 daughtercard. I really don't think the 2N5109 is a good option, given that the ERA-3+ costs less than the transistor.

On the power meter side there just a re-do of the existing SOIC board, and possibly a version with improved isolation that will have the front end be all SMT, but the back end through-hole (same physical size as the existing ones). I'll pose the DIP version as an option, but I'm beginning to have the opinion that it's "not recommended."

Let's see what the collective wisdom of the group is.

Costs will of course depend on the quantity run, but ought not be very far off the previous if there are at least a few dozen involved. I'd certainly expect under $10 CONUS for the PHSNA, and in the $3 range for a power meter


Jim, N5IB

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