Re: Code question

William Kimber


It always used to be Fortran Fortifies the over Forties when people I knew were using it, back in the 80's

I am afraid that C++ with its "shortcuts" which might be as easy as for a person working full-time with it. I cannot follow the concepts. To me it breaks many of the rules of programming I was taught. Try as I might to learn C or C++ my eyes glaze over after a few minutes.

Bring back Basic, That's Dartmouth version.


My programming background is in Fortran (Huh - what is that?), Visual
Basic (several variations) and Honeywell Experion process control
systems. If I have learned anything in almost 30 years of
programming, it is KISS. Elegant programming can be a real pain to
troubleshoot. C lends itself very well to elegance with its code
"shortcuts". I probably would have just used "data=data>>1;". It is
an extra line of code and consumes extra program space. But I can
follow it very easily.


My best to everyone.




Mobile, AL

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