Re: W7ZOI AD8307 RF Power Meter


Plus, the TS922 is only $1.44 at Mouser, vs better than $6 for the AD822. I only use the 820 and 822 'cause I have a handful of them.

In this application not a lot is demanded of the op amp. It's running virtually at DC, and the gain needed is only x2 or so. The important part is that it can operate from a singe supply at fairly low voltage, and the output can swing very nearly to ground (within a 100 mV or so) A 50 cent single or dual op amp can do the job, but it is nice to use the FET input amps.

Jim, N5IB

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I’ve used as a drop-in replacement for the AD822  the TS922.  It has higher output drive, lower noise and is a little bit faster.

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