W7ZOI AD8307 RF Power Meter


Wes, W7ZOI, has graciously given permission to post my re-drawn, slightly modified schematic of his design from the June 2001 QST article. You'll find it in the "Files" section.

Notice I used an AD820 single op amp instead of Wes's 558 dual amp. I plan to revise the circuit and use an AD822 dual amp (558 would also work) and have independently buffered outputs for the meter drive and A/D output to the Arduino.

Also in the PDF document is a screen shot of the PCB layout I used to make my unit. It is NOT to scale. I'd sized it to fit an Altoids tin then realized the battery needed to be inside and there was not enough room. So I'll probably redo the layout to better match a box I plan to use for the next version.

Thanks again, Wes

Jim, N5IB

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