Re: The Funduino


My Funduino UNO R3 arrived today from "Chipworld". It was marked "Funduino" and "Design in Italy" and WWW.FUNDUINO.CN" Cost was $14.30 including shipping. Ordered on 19 Sept, so took 14 days.

It was supposed to come with a short USB cable, but that was missing. There was a tear in the shipping envelope, which may explain the missing cable. All the other parts in the order were OK.
Quality appears quite good. Plugged it into an ASUS laptop running Win7-64. Found the driver seamlessly as COM5 (my Arduino apparently has dibs on COM4) and accepted the SSNA software. Runs fine.

Looks like these clones are the way to keep the SSNA under the $50 target.

Jim, N5IB

BTW - no sign yet of the test PC board order from China.

Jim, N5IB

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