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William Kimber

Hi All,
Put a proper title in this time, sorry for before.

O.K. with the correction.  I was looking at using some extended headers so that I could put another shield, LCD + keys, on top so that I could use stand alone.  While the pins are more than long enough, as there is no plastic piece under the board they go even farther down into the Uno socket and I have the same contact with the USB metal work problem.

My thoughts are either a strip of perf board on the underside of the header to stop them going so far into Uno sockets or put a bit of insulating materiel on top of USB socket. Alternatively put some heat shrink on a few pins so that they cannot go so far in.

Other problem, I will have to do some reassigning of some pins with an intermediate proto shield. I haven't fully checked to see if the pins can be shared without conflict. I might be able to get around the problem by mounting them at right angles and wiring between the outputs on the PHSNA board and the LCD/key shield in.


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Thanks for the catch, Will

I fixed it and was even able to get it uploaded without error.

Tried opening it and it appears OK

But still can't delete the old one, so I cut it to the clipboard.

Jim, N5IB



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Just a query.

 Was reading the instructions in Builders Alert, item 3, instructions 2 & 3.

 Instruction 2 is "insert long pins of header into Uno."

 Instruction 3 is "insert long pins into bottom of PHSN board"

 Should 3 be "insert SHORT pins into bottom of PHSN board"




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