Re: Hot 9850

William Kimber

What you have to look out for is: is it a 3.3v clock can?

Some are 5 volt and some are 3.3v, I bought five in one batch (the "other" version) and had 2 clearly marked 3.3 volt,  the rest were marked 5 volt.


P.S. Most of the bits that I need have arrived, now to find the time/energy to assemble.

P.S.S.  Thanks for the effort being put into the software, by the time I am ready it will be "perfect"

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I should have taken mine's temperature before I put it in the box. But I
think I've heard comments on a number of occasions that those DDS chips get
pretty hot. Didn't know that the little canned clocks do as well.


Nick, WA5BDU

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