Re: Printed Circuit Boards for SSNA

Jerry Haigwood

Hi Glenn,


Jim and I had a discussion about paypal and since I have a paypal account, I will receive the funds for the boards and transfer them to Jim.  So, you will be able to use paypal.  As soon as Jim gets a price for the boards from the Chinese board house, we will work up a price which will include shipping and paypal charges.  It is not Jim’s intention to make a profit.  Braking even would be nice. ;-)

Jerry W5JH

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Jim, no Paypal will severely limit orders from Dx at least. Other methods of payment are expensive.



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I'm awaiting a small test order from an overseas PCB fab house. Probably
at least a week more, as I received the shipping notification just today
If quality is satisfactory I will place a bulk order for boards. I'll
announce when that's about to happen, and will begin taking orders for

If this fab house works out the cost will be under $10 postpaid for USA
shipping. DX shipping and payment will have to be determined.
One thing for sure. PayPal will NOT be used for either USA or DX orders.

Jim, N5IB

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> A question about the PCB .
> Where we could order it ?

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