Re: The Funduino

Nick Kennedy

I got my Funduino today -- it took 11 days.  Still waiting for the DDS but I'm sure it'll be here way ahead of other stuff I need.

Interesting that the Funduino is marked as "Arduino" and "made in Italy".  Oops.

Regarding plotting programs -- the gnuplot thing might be a good thing for my current lash-up, since I'm using a Raspberry Pi which is a native Linux board.

I've set my software to output to Data Analyzer 2003's "DAT" format if my file extension starts with a 'd', or CSV format otherwise.  Data Analyzer will work with both actually, and Excel probably will too.  The difference is that the DAT format uses a space delimiter while CSV uses commas, and for CSV I put in a header row of "frequency, dBm", which Data Analyzer isn't crazy about.

Also fooling with having the software find and report the frequency for peak response and guess I should also have it find the -3dB points.  Fairly trivial except possibly if you have a plateau at either point and want to select the midpoint of that plateau.  This is for crystal characterization, of course.


Nick, WA5BDU

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