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First of all, the PHSNA is a Scalar Network Analyzer, not a VNA. For a VNA google for nanoVNA, it is portable and already built, but for around $50 I think that it is impossible to build one yourself.

Second: The PHSNA group has all the info, schematics, theory, PCB layouts, software, everything that you would would need to build one. Unfortunately there are not PCBs for sale, they had been available several years ago, but now I think that all remaining ones were depleted.


Ignacio EB4APL

El 28/05/2021 a las 0:44, Leandro Sorkin escribió:
Hello everyone.
It seems this forum has been around for quite some time. I am a newcomer
that wants to build his own VNA and been looking for information.
Unfortunately, all the info seems to be "top secret" or just a few pieces
released (mostly useless pictures of someone else's project) but nothing
that I could use to build mine).
Can someone point me into the right place for technical info, like
schematic, pcb, software, etc. ?
Even YL3AKB info seems to be "confidential"
Thanks in advance for all help I can get.
73 de VE3MIZ, Simon

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