Re: Rev 1.40 vs 1.42 results


Hi Ignacio,

I had forgotten Nick's warning in the 1.40 version manual to sweep the shorted fixture before measuring crystals. I had -12.3 in the parameters.txt file from a couple of years ago. I measured -9.6 dBm compensated today, and I put that in the 1.40 parameters.txt file. I ran the same 5 crystals I had measured a couple of days ago through 1.40 and 1.42 back to back, a few minutes apart. The results came out very close. In fact, the 1.42 measurements came out much higher that what I had measured for my previous post. I can't explain that, but I had too many changes going on with the different versions and the parameters.txt files. I really appreciate you help with this. It looks like I won't have to sweep about 100 crystals after all :)

Ted, KX4OM

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