Rev 1.40 vs 1.42 results


I think I've fixed the issue with Rev 1.42 not producing results in crystal measurement mode. I produced a new set of coefficients for the crystal measurement sweep. I believe the addition of the coefficients for xtal measurments is intended to make the sweeps more accurate over a shorter range.

I swept 5 crystals on 05/17/2020 using Rev 1.42 from the same batch I previously had swept on 05/11/2020. I created a table of average values for both sets.

Rev1.40 vs 1.42

Five crystals from same batch

1.40 tested 05/11/2020; 1.42 tested 05/17/2020

Peak frequency; Xtal Meas sweep 8,385.900 to 8,388.100 MHz

Average results:

Peak f BW RS Lm Q
8384.364 127.6 13.08 47.22 195,524

8386.369 123.9 16.8 53.73 168,696

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