Re: Ver. 1.42 and crystal measurement

goldeaglemex strathman

Not sure of the date of your post but I am pleased to see that the PHSNA project has been saved. I came to the project late, missed the boards, etc but saved all the documentation and parts needed for the project. Assembled and tested several modules, located 3 HP435 power meters ($5.00 ea), very well designed enclosures.
Used 1 for the power meter and power supplies and another for the sweep generator and receiver. Got waylaid with chemo and radiation, got that behind me successfully and and now wish to complete the project . I intend to use the PHSNA to characterize the crystals for the receiver. So, looks like there will be enough of the community left to get me over the humps. Thanks for all the work you put into the PHSNA.

Ron, K6DNV. First licensed 1957 as KN6DNV now Extra.

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