Re: Ver. 1.42 and crystal measurement


Okay, guys thanks for the replies. I'll go down to the lab in the basement and replace the 1.40 files with the 1.42 files; I have them in separate directories to be able to rename their "backup" status folder to the PHSNA_VB folder to get them to work.

I'm sure it isn't hardware related because 1.40 works as the previous 1.3x versions did as well. I'm pretty sure that the crystal sweep coefficients1.42 parameters.txt are ones that I did when I first installed 1.42, but I'm not certain. Creeping old age, maybe :) All I know for sure is that they are not the example coefficients from the 1.42 release. The structure of the parameters.txt file checks out as to the fields required for the application to work. I will first run a "Response Sweep" on a crystal and confirm that it works as it did on the 1.42 a few days ago when I had problems wirh "crystal Meas". I'll try to measure a crystal, and then I'll do a full calibration from scratch as anticipate it won't find the peak, with the same error message.

I'll report back on the results. By the way, last night I created and uploaded a photo album, "KX4OM PHSNA photos" yesterday with photos of my equipment I built. The original log power meter is one I build about 15 years ago, and the new one is an upgraded unit with 6 AA cells and a completely copper shielded enclosure of the PC board and RG-316 including the analog A/D output. The meter is a surplus 50 uA Weston new old stock I've had for several years. The case is an unusual vertical form factor power supply case from an old Dell, as I recall. I use old PC supply cases for a lot of my projects. Both lpms read the the same. As a result of the PHSNA project, I upgraded the old lpm with an op-amp to calibrate the meter with a scale. I removed the old RadioShack meter and replaced it with another 1 mA one that I could remove the generic scale and glue a dB scale on. I have some more details on both of the lpms as well as the other PHSNA gear on my website at

Ted, KX4OM

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