Re: Group Milestone

William Kimber

Thanks Jim for all that you and Jerry have done.




On 22/12/19 6:40 am, N5IB wrote:
A little while ago Dan, AI2M, joined this group as its 1000th member.
Would have been hard to fathom that back on 10 Sept 2013 when Jerry, W5JH (SK) and I started this little project.

It's been great fun, but I'd like to pass the reins on to another volunteer.
So I'm seeking someone to take on the list owner duties.
For this group its been pretty benign, just approve a membership request or a posting now and again, seldom more than one or two a week.

If you'd like to volunteer, you can reply privately if you wish, either a private reply here, or to <n5ib (at) juno (dot) com>
I would simply change your group membership status to "owner."
I'd nominally continue in "owner" status as well but would be in the manner of a "silent partner."

Jim, N5IB

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