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Jerry Haigwood

If you want to build the original meter circuit, you should be aware that the Radio Shack 1 mA meter is no longer available.  However, you can get a 1 mA meter labeled 0-15V and also 0-3V from for $3.50 CAT# PM-376.   A box can be purchased from Radio Shack for $3.50.  The meter can be built “ugly style” on a piece of copper clad board.  See my meter in the overview of the Simple SNA on the PHSNA yahoo group web site.

Jerry W5JH

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Looking at the poll results it seems there will be a fair number of folks who will need to build an rf power meter to go with their SSNA. I think Analog Devices is still willing to send out a sample AD-8307 if asked.

Remember that the article in June 2001 QST by Wes (W7ZOI) and Bob (W7PUA) sets out all the needed information to built one.

I invite those of you who already have built or bought one to share with us how you built it or whom you bought from. Post photos or other info if you wish.

It is NOT my intention to offer a circuit board or a kit for the power meter, since that design is someone else's intellectual property.

Jim, N5IB

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