MMIC Amplifier Bias calculation

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola

Good Morning,

I'm using this calculator ( to get the values of
the Capacitors, Resistance and Inductor for my Minicircuits MAV-11BSM amplifier.

The calculator gives me a capacitor value of 68pF and an inductor of 1.6 uH.

What I don't understand is this statement in the calculator:
" Make sure the inductance does not saturate at the current of operation "

The calculated current is 60 mA, and the inductance calculated is 1.6uH.
How do I know if the inductor saturates at 60 mA of Current ?

Supply Voltage: 8
Amp Type: MAV-11BSM
Min Freq: 50 Mhz

R = 41.67 Ohms
L >= 1.592 uH
C >= 0.0637 nf ( 64pF => 68pF) {Usar 0.1uF}
P = 0.15W
I = 60 mA

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