Re: Si570 Set Frequency


Hi Alfredo, this is iw2fvo .
Years ago I got in touch with Nick WA5BDU to have some indication about the si570 control and thank to his suggestion I developed a sketch capable of controlling the SI570 in its whole frequency band ( up to 1.4 GHZ )
I did use this sketch on Arduino Nano as a VFO for my two meters FM receiver and for the APT receiver.
The sketch does not requires to enter pre_computed values : it performs the calculation for each one of the required frequencies.
It receives the operating frequency using Nano UART input : You can use the Arduino IDE Monitor ( e.g. : 150.123.500 to set 153.123500 MHz ) to control the frequency output.
you can define the IF freq offset : see line 72 of the code ( it is set to 10.7 MHz : change it as you need).
you can disable some messages sent to the monitor if not needed. There is a define for that monitor.
I hope this sketch will help since I was able to generate frequencies of about 300 MHz due to the limited frequency range of my si570 chip.
I will try to attach the sketch here !
Thanks Nick !
I am sorry for my bad English !!!
73, IW2FVO, Ambrogio

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