Re: Shielding for Power meter?


Copper foil is good, but you can also use tin foil recovered from a beer can (one that is not made from aluminum) Remove the paint and cut it to size with a pair of scissors.

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Ignacio, EB4APL


El 25/02/2019 a las 19:52, wb6ogd escribió:
I don't know if it fits his board, but I made my custom board to use a copper pipe cap from the hardware store,
see attached...

On 2/25/2019 7:44 AM, Ben Pharr wrote:
I have one of N5IB's power meter boards and I'm almost ready to assemble it. What kind of material do I need to shield the SMD section? Some sort of copper foil I'm assuming? Can someone give me some specs? Any suggestions on where I can buy some?


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