Testing the Measurement Rcvr

Nigel Maund

Dear PHSNA testing community;

I am finally building the Measurement Receiver.

I wanted to ask advice on how to test/tune it as I build it in sections?

Here are my thoughts:

1) using the PHSNA, sweep the Xtal filter alone, and adjust the trim capacitors to get a flat response curve
2) add the 2n2222 Amplifier, to then see the sweep with a 20 dB gain

Next steps - how would I make sure that the Bridge Tee Diplexers are properly tuned?

Is it simple enough to wire up all the components and go for broke.
Or, is there a way to perhaps add in the Diplexer circuit and sweep it using a 3.2768 MHz (spare crystal) oscillator,. If I were to use a return loss bridge would this then give me some interesting way to use all the test components and actually see the Diplexer working?

I am thinking of how best to test each of the two boards separately, using the PHSNA and Power Meter, before connecting them together.

One final question: the schematic shows only one power connection circuitry (200 mA resettable fuse, shotkey diode) but both boards have PCB locations for this circuitry. Is it acceptable to simply wire one board with this circuitry, and jumper the 12 volts supply to the 2nd board. Or, do both boards need a 200 mA resettable fuse?

Nigel, Va2NM

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